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FACT: All voters must be properly registered thirty (30 ) days before an election

Q 1: How do I register to vote in Loudon County?

A: Loudon County residents need to complete the Voter Registration Application form and mail it to the Loudon County Election Commission office. It must be postmarked at least thirty (30) days prior to election. This form can be found at the State of Tennessee's website. Click here to open a printable version of the Voter Registration Form.  All registration deadlines apply to new applications; therefore, you must register no later than thirty (30) days before the election. If you register by mail, you must vote in person at the first election. This rule applies even if you have voted in the previous county/state where you were registered.

Q 2: I'm not sure if I am still registered?

A: Tennessee voters can look up their Voter Registration status and voting precinct at the Tennessee state website.

Q 3:
If I moved within Loudon County, must I still register?

A: The Election Commission must receive written notification up to five (5) days before the election. If on the day of voting the address on your permanent voter registration record differs from your current address, then you must complete an affidavit before being allowed to vote. You must then vote at your new polling place or at a central location designated by the county election commission office. (It is a time saver to change your address before Election Day.)

Q 4: If I moved to Loudon County from a different Tennessee county, 91 days ago or longer, what must I do?

A: You are considered a new registrant in Loudon County and must complete a new voter registration application (as in Q1 above). You may either go in person to Loudon County Election Commission or mail the application to the local county election commission. All registration deadlines apply to new applications (see Q1 above). If you moved from a different county 91 days or longer, you must register in Loudon County by the registration deadline. If this process is not completed, you will not be permitted to vote in any elections until after you have properly registered.

Q 5: If I moved to Loudon County from a different Tennessee county, 90 days ago or less, what must I do?

A: If you moved to Loudon County within 90 days of an election, you may leave your registration in the county where you were previously registered. You will have to vote in that county and at the correct polling place. Alternatively, you may choose to register in Loudon County prior to the registration deadline (this is the preferred method, as mentioned in Q4 or Q1 above).